Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Holy Icon

The Game will last 2 hours, or until common sense deems it finished.

The Game follows the rules as listed under Terrain and Deployment -

The central piece of terrain will be removed for this scenario. It will then be replaced with a Holy Icon marker in the centre of the table.

A Holy Icon is a rock, sacrificial alter stone, or other such piece, on a 40mm square base, that has a deep meaning to your warband.

It is placed so its sides all run parallel to the table edges.

Other than that it counts as a piece of impassable terrain, it has no other effect on normal game play.

Basically this means that it does not provide cover of any sort, or block line of sight, and also that it does not count as a terrain piece for any Saga abilities.

Victory Conditions -

If at the start of your turn (before the Orders phase begins), there are no enemy units with at least one figure within M of the Holy Icon then you win the game.

An important note for all players - When you deploy your warband, ensure you have at least one figure within M of the Holy Icon. It is possible to lose this game on the first turn if you do not.

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