Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Chance Encounter

This game will last for 2 hours, or until common sense deems it finished.

The game follows all rules as listed under Terrain and Deployment -

Each player receives a Baggage unit in addition to their standard 6 point warband.

A Baggage unit for this game consists of a single figure on a minimum of a 40mm x 40mm base. Larger bases are acceptable, so 50mm x 100mm is fine as another example.

A Baggage unit in this game has an armour of 5 in melee, and 6 against shooting. It generates no Attack dice during step 1 of a melee, but receives 3 defence die during step 2.
It has a form of the Resilience rule like a Warlord, in that it may cancel one hit against itself each time. (note your Warriors, and Hearthguard, may not sacrifice themselves to the Baggage).

A Baggage unit in this game is immune to the effects of, and never receives, any fatigue.

A Baggage unit in this game is unaffected by any Saga ability, in any way. Note though that you may use abilities that affect units and their attack dice that are attacking the baggage, they just have no effect on the baggage or it's defence dice. For example you can get a +1 to attack dice rolls you make against the baggage, but you could not lower the Baggage units armour through use of an ability.

A Baggage unit in this game may be activated for a movement (up to a distance of M) once per turn in its controllers activation phase. This activation is free, and does not cause you to spend any saga dice, much like the Warlords determination rule. This activation may never be cancelled by any opponents ability. Note that Saga abilities that trigger off of a unit activating may not be used in response to this Baggage activation.

A Baggage unit in this game will not move into, or through difficult ground, and may never move to engage a unit in melee. If it is forced to engage upon it's activation for movement, it's movement activation is cancelled.

A Baggage unit in this game may not be moved by a Warlords use of "with me lads".

A Baggage unit in this game does not generate any Saga Dice, and is not worth any normal victory points.

Victory Conditions -

A player gains 1 scenario points if they kill the enemy Warlord.

A player gains 1 scenario points if they destroy the enemy Baggage unit.

A player gains 1 scenario points if they manage to move their Baggage Unit off the opposing table edge.

The player with the most scenario points at game end wins the game.

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